The Emerson Network Power Intelligent Foundation™ management and infrastructure platform

The Intelligent Foundation™ platform is a near turnkey, modular solution for hyperscale, web-scale and enterprise data centers for deploying microservers.
Since their inception, hyperscale and rack-scale infrastructure have been the exclusive domain of large and technologically capable companies. The Intelligent Foundation™ platform allows most server companies of any size and technical capability to adopt these new, efficient and affordable computing concepts.

Intelligent Foundation Server Intelligence

The Server Intelligence framework consists of the Intelligent Foundation™ Controller and the Intelligent Foundation™ Aggregator. The framework leverages industry standards such as IPMI and DCMI and supports leading ASIC service processor platforms. The expertise Emerson Network Power has in the creation of such frameworks is unmatched with over 12 million active deployed servers using Emerson Network Power designed firmware worldwide.
The framework is fully scalable from single to multi-node and compliant with Intel Dense Form Factor hardware specifications for module management controllers (MMC) and Chassis Management Modules (CMM).

Intelligent Foundation Manager™

The Intelligent Foundation Manager™ is the rack management device that is capable of managing all computing, power and cooling assets within rack-scale computing devices. It natively communicates with the Intelligent Foundation™ Server Intelligence and provides a secure isolated network that controls all intra-rack communication. This allows managers of such web-scale deployments to scale when needed and efficiently manage the operations of their data center.

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Developer Information

Emerson Network Power supplies technology solutions such as firmware to the server OEM community. In addition, Emerson Network Power has strong relationships with the leading ODMs. If you are interested in licensing the Intelligent Foundation™ Server Intelligence Firmware or in engaging Emerson Network Power for development of custom firmware for your microservers, please contact us below.

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Firmware Download

If you have an active developer account for the Intelligent Foundation™, you can access your download and documentation portal below.